Rewriting the Story for Struggling Readers.

For students not at a proficient reading level, frustration often shapes their school life. The inability to keep up is an emotionally draining, daily struggle for students and the educators committed to helping them.

Many schools have achieved real, sustainable results for their academically at-risk students with the Scientific Learning family of products. The frustration and low self-esteem of the past has been replaced with new optimism and the satisfaction of achievement. Teachers note many important benefits beyond improved reading, such as better focus, better attitude, and even better scores in subjects other than reading.

The Fast ForWord® Program

The Fast ForWord reading intervention program addresses this challenge by preparing student brains for reading and learning success. The software develops the processing efficiency that is required of any student to read, listen, think, and participate successfully in the classroom.

Scientific Learning® Reading Assistant™

Using speech recognition technology, Reading Assistant™ software provides one-on-one guided oral reading support, acting as a patient, non-judgmental listener to struggling readers. Monitoring for signs of difficulty, the program intervenes with assistance when the child is challenged by a word. Extensive reporting features enable educators to monitor their students’ progress with Scientific Learning products. Educators whose students are using Reading Assistant software may also play back recordings of student’s individual readings at a later time.

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