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Helping all educators support continued student learning and development during COVID-19 challenges.

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Remote Learning Success Spotlight

Educators and parents are asking, "How will students quickly make up for their unfinished learning?" The Fast ForWord programs are a proven, evidence-based digital solution that can easily be used both at home and in the classroom to rapidly accelerate learning and improve reading and learning skills. Take it from our long-time customers who have been implementing Fast ForWord remotely for years. 

Calling All Educators: Grab Some Continuing Education Hours

Brain-Based Learning Webinars allow educators and staff to earn continuing education hours at home and on-demand. Learn from leading experts and the latest research on how to improve student reading and learning capacity while promoting healthy social-emotional skill development, as we navigate our new normal. Watch some of our most popular webinars now for free. Certificates of attendance are available upon request.

Remote Learning: Making a Virtue of Necessity

Emergency remote learning was an unexpected necessity this spring, but among the challenges it posed lay powerful potential benefits. As back-to-school preparations include planning for remote learning possibly continuing in the 2020-2021 school year, apply lessons learned about remote education to ensure academic achievement this fall. This webinar will go over the challenges of remote learning, and educators will share what proved successful in overcoming these challenges to guide other educators' remote learning plans.

Upending the COVID Slide with Neuroscience

Research on summer learning loss has revealed the potentially devastating impact of COVID-19-induced school closures on student academic achievement. But there is some positive news. In a new book entitled How the Brain Learns, neuroscientist Stanislas Dehaene reviews four pillars of learning that teachers can incorporate to accelerate student learning, both through remote instruction and in the classroom. These pillars of learning also provide a guideline for selecting educational technology that can help override the COVID slide. This webinar reviews the research on how the brain learns with examples of instructional practices as well as technology consistent with Dehaene’s four pillars of learning.

Current Fast ForWord Customers: Enable At-Home Access

Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant Plus work seamlessly, whether in school or at home. Current customers can confidently encourage students to log in from home and complete their assignments as usual. To help students enable at-home access, attend a free training session and check out the resources below.
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