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The Cornerstone to Global Use of Scientific Learning Technology

Resellers are organizations having a contractual business relationship with Scientific Learning to provide Scientific Learning products and implementation services within specific geographic territories and/or market segments.

In exchange, we provide training and marketing resources that allow resellers to administer the Scientific Learning products and promote their positive effects.

To inquire about becoming an International Reseller with Scientific Learning Corporation contact Peter Carabi, Vice President for Global Business Development, at [email protected]

Our resellers are organizations with competencies in areas such as:

The key characteristics of a Scientific Learning reseller are:

"Working with Scientific Learning enables us to be at the forefront of research on how the brain learns. We are both honored and delighted to be part of this movement in bringing the results of neuroscience research right into classroom and the lives of many children in Asia, impacting not only their ability to learn and read, but also their self-esteem and hopes for a better future."

-Cheryl Chia, BrainFit Studio

Achieve 1-2 years of reading gains in just 40-60 hours with brain-based learning.
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