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Fast ForWord Reading enables all students to effectively reach their true reading and learning potential.

The Impact of Reading Achievement

Students who are not proficient readers by 3rd grade are four times more likely to drop out in high school than proficient readers. With 2 out of 3 students reading below grade level, we are in the midst of a reading crisis. Fast ForWord Reading can help make elementary students become skilled readers, successful learners, effective communicators, and confident individuals.
Circle diagram for the impact of reading achievement
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Build a Strong Foundation

The Fast ForWord Reading program reaches deeper than other reading programs to target the root causes of reading struggles in the brain. It builds stronger readers and lifelong learners by simultaneously strengthening reading skills and their underlying cognitive skills. This strong foundation sets the stage for success in other subject areas and for continued growth even after completing the program.

The Reading Rope

Engaging and Motivating Features

Fun characters, animated rewards, real-time progress meters, and other features engage students as they work on gamified exercises that adapt to students' performance. Motivated students who work on this personalized and adaptive program make rapid progress, no matter their starting point. 
Bridget Guillot, Title I liaison of St. Mary Parish

Teachers tell me how thankful they are because Fast ForWord covers skills they can’t cover in an English language arts classroom... It’s fixing problems early, so by the time students take our state tests in the third grade, they’ve closed those gaps."

elementary kids reading on bench

Rigorous Learning for Fast and Lasting Gains

Effective learning is not just engaging—it’s rigorous. Students need sustained, repeated practice to make reading gains efficiently and permanently, much like practicing at a batting cage. Fast ForWord Reading provides seven times as many trials as leading competitors do, ensuring maximum impact on your students’ learning.

Continuous Multi-Level Progress Monitoring

Robust progress monitoring and reports offer student, class, school, and district-wide views on learning achievement. The Reading Progress Indicator proprietary assessment correlates to nationally normed assessments, establishing its high level of validity.

Seamless Integration and Flexible On-Boarding

Teachers can choose between on-site consultation or free, on-demand virtual training. Thoughtfully designed instructor manuals minimize prep time and include lesson plans, exercise overviews, and ready-to-use student worksheets.
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