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Recorded Webinar

Back to School with the New Fast ForWord

Date: Aug 15 2018
Length: 60 minutes
Presenter: Ben Philpott, SLPA
Back to School with the New Fast ForWord
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Aren't you curious to learn how the New Fast ForWord makes your life easier  - while getting your students better results?  By the end of this webinar, you will know the best ways to set up your implementation now so you save time throughout the year. Attend to learn: (1) What to expect from the New Fast ForWord, (2) When to use your guided reading tool, Reading Assistant, to get reading fluency and comprehension results before winter break, and (3) The tools available at your fingertips to make this year feel...dare we say it...Effortless! We're dedicated to making this year more fun for you and your students. We hope you'll join us to kick things off!   

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