Helping Learners with Dyslexia Become Proficient Readers



Dyslexia is now recognized as a primarily auditory disorder, with weaknesses appearing specifically in phonological processing. Many programs help learners compensate for these difficulties by working around the issues. Fast ForWord takes a different approach — it aims to “rewire” the brain for reading, targeting the issue directly, and starting with the brain’s most foundational abilities. fMRI data from Stanford shows how Fast ForWord helps learners with dyslexia improve a range of language, cognitive, and reading skills.


Addressing Foundational Language Skills and Processing Rate for Learners with Dyslexia


  • Exercises to improve phonological processing
  • Individualized work to build phonemic awareness, phonics, and targeted decoding
  • Sight word recognition, vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension
  • Guided oral reading support to build fluency (great for even the most reluctant readers!)


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