Administrators trust Fast ForWord to provide long-lasting results.

Administrators Lead Achievement

Your commitment to your students, teachers, and staff means you will only invest in proven solutions. As you lead your schools in cultivating a culture of improvement and achievement, have confidence that the evidence-based, research-proven Fast ForWord reading and language programs will produce the gains your students need, whether remotely or in the classroom.

Measurable Gains

The results are easy to see. Your students will make grade-level gains in reading skills, which can also translate to higher standardized scores, soaring graduation rates, and lower drop-out rates.

Which gains do you look forward to the most?

Assistant Superintendent, Tim Solley, Madison County Schools

We’re going to get one chance to get this right. We’ve got to find what works best, not just what works. Our research kept leading us back to Fast ForWord."

Robust and Actionable Reports

The Fast ForWord product’s embedded pre- and post-assessments measure gains in key literacy skills. Robust and actionable reports on four levels—district, school, class, and student—make the gains easy to identify.
  • district report
    District Level: District-wide reports show dramatic student gains that are powerful evidence of return on investment to share with stakeholders like parents and funders. District-wide reports also allow administrators to see which schools or teachers need more support.
  • School Level: School-wide reports allow administrators to see which teachers and classrooms are progressing most and which need more support.
  • Class Level: Administrators and teachers can see exercise progression and overall reading gains for whole classes or groups. Reports help administrators know which students need targeted support and which teachers need more support.
  • Student Level: While district, school, and class reports are most helpful for administrators to see district- and school-wide progress, administrators can also view student reports to see exercise progression and overall reading gains for individual students.

The Brain-Based Difference

What makes the Fast ForWord reading and language solution so effective? It aligns with the leading research on the cognitive science of reading, which identifies the importance of connecting the visual and auditory functions in the brain. We also know that in order to master reading skills, students need the foundational cognitive skills of memory, attention, processing, and sequencing. The Fast ForWord software goes beyond other reading interventions to uniquely offer simultaneous training on both reading and cognitive skills, and this makes all the brain-based difference.
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Remote-Ready and Flexible

The Fast ForWord programs are remote-ready to meet the moment. Whether learning happens at home, in the classroom, or a combination of both, Fast ForWord keeps up in fast-changing learning environments without missing a beat. You can easily track student attendance, participation, and growth from anywhere, and virtual teacher training and support are readily available.
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