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Teachers love that Fast ForWord works when nothing else does.

One of the most important jobs for elementary teachers is teaching students how to read. The Fast ForWord Reading K-5 program makes that job easier. By working on the program at home or in the classroom, your students will become stronger readers, but that’s not all. You will watch them blossom into attentive, confident learners who easily grasp new concepts and retain what they learn. Your instruction will prove even more effective as your students increase their capacity to receive it.
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Secondary teachers face a unique challenge when their students struggle with reading. You may not be equipped to provide the foundational literacy training that students need to succeed in your class. The Fast ForWord Literacy program for grades 6-12 fills that crucial gap by efficiently building students’ fundamental reading and learning skills, no matter how many years below grade-level they are. With a solid foundation, your students will absorb what you teach them with heightened attention and deeper comprehension, making them confidently career- and college-ready.
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The Reading Brain

Fast ForWord is the leader in building the reading brain. Designed by renowned neuroscientists and aligned with the cognitive science of reading, the Fast ForWord reading and language programs are like no other. By building foundational reading skills, including phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, grammar, fluency, and comprehension, simultaneously alongside cognitive skills, such as memory, attention, processing, and sequencing, Fast ForWord produces efficient and enduring reading gains.

These measurable gains are important, but what teachers tell us impresses them the most are the changes they notice in their students. What will you notice in your students? 

Sharper Memory.

Strong working memory enables students to follow instructions and to make connections in reading and thinking.

Focused Attention.

With focused and sustained attention, students learn more in class and read with fuller comprehension.

Listening and Processing.
Students need fast and accurate auditory processing to master reading skills and to understand what you teach them.
Teacher Chrissy Pecenka, Alta Vista Elementary School

I had a student who had been through several interventions, but nothing was working. I did some research and found the Fast ForWord program.The student made more than half a year’s growth in only one month. The Fast ForWord program worked for him when nothing else did and helped him get to grade level in a short amount of time."

Measurable Gains in Robust, Actionable Reports

Can the Fast ForWord programs get your students to grade level in reading, too? Absolutely. You can easily identify your students’ progress as measured in grade-level reading gains in robust and actionable reports on four levels—district, school, class, and student. The detailed reports provide a window to your students’ strengths and weaknesses, along with suggestions for how you can offer targeted support.
  • District Level: District-wide reports allow administrators to see implementation and usage rates, reading gains by school, and which schools or teachers need more support.
  • School Level: School-wide level reports allow administrators to see rates of attendance, participation, completion, overall implementation, and grade-level reading gains. They also help identify which teachers and classrooms need more support.
  • Class Level: Teachers see exercise progression and overall reading gains for whole classes or groups. Reports help teachers know which students need targeted support and which skills their students need to develop the most.
  • Student Level: Teachers see exercise progression and overall reading gains for individual students. Reports help teachers know which students need targeted support and which skills their students need to develop the most.
  • Student Reports: Students have easy-to-interpret progress reports of their success. Seeing their hard-earned achievements motivates them to continue making gains.

Easy to Use, Remotely or In-Person

The last thing that teachers need is extra work, so we deliberately make Fast ForWord implementation easy and flexible, whether you are teaching remotely or in-person. Onboarding is a cinch with on-demand training and videos, and instructor manuals minimize prep time and include lesson plans, exercise overviews, and ready-to-use student worksheets. Your students can excel in the Fast ForWord programs without constant 1:1 supervision, and if you do need support, a friendly and knowledgeable team member is only a text, call, online chat, or email away. We’ve got your back!
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