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Parents play a vital role in the success of students.

Unlock Your Child's Learning Potential

Most parents tell us that their child is extremely bright, but something seems to be holding them back. They’re looking for some way to unlock their child’s true learning potential in the classroom setting. Does this sound like you?

With remote learning continuing in some capacity for many students, you might also be seeking support resources for at-home learning to help your child get back on track quickly. The Fast ForWord software can be your solution.

What is the Fast ForWord intervention?

Most reading programs and solutions work around the underlying weaknesses that cause your child’s reading difficulty. The Fast ForWord online reading intervention targets learning struggles at their core, starting in the brain. The Fast ForWord solution produces efficient and enduring gains in reading skills by intentionally training the foundational cognitive skills required for reading and all learning.

Here's what you can expect:

Your child will complete memory, attention, and auditory processing exercises that look like reading or pre-reading games.
After a few weeks, 96% of parents report their child has improved in reading, focus, understanding, and/or completing homework.
Your child will work on the Fast ForWord program through a certified Fast ForWord Provider.

What is a Fast ForWord Provider?​

We work closely with, train, and certify clinicians and learning centers to administer our programs, and we call them Fast ForWord Providers. Your personal Fast ForWord Provider will be a mentor who will guide your child as they are appropriately challenged in their specific area of need, who will communicate progress, keep you and your child motivated to get fast results, and celebrate their successes with you. Put their years of experience to work for you!
Carol,  Parent of TWIN teenagers

They’re doing things beyond what I had expected for them. It’s an amazing program. Once you find something that is so amazing as Fast ForWord, you just don’t want to stop."

Who is the Fast ForWord intervention for?

Elementary school children, starting at age 5, through middle school, all the way up to high school (we even work with adult learners!) with:
  • reading difficulties,
  • auditory processing disorder (APD),
  • speech or language impairment,
  • mild to moderate autism,
  • dyslexia,
  • a learning disability, or
  • general learning struggles but do not qualify for extra help at school.
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