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At-Home Usage Resources for Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant Plus.

We’ve got you covered to transition from in-class to at-home usage with these resources.

These tools let you communicate with parents and caregivers about using the programs at home (includes Spanish translations for most documents).

Use this form to share a student’s login credentials with parents/caregivers.

Instruct parents/caregivers how students should log in from home.

Use these letters to give parents/caregivers an overview of the programs.

Help parents/caregivers build reading skills at home.

Live training sessions and recorded webinars answer all your questions.

Live training sessions

Recorded webinars

Quick Teacher Tips for Remote Usage:

  • Utilize the Monitor tab (in Manage) to see real-time usage.
  • Check the individual student’s Usage Report for start and stop times.
  • Remind students to train in a quiet, distraction-free area in their home.
  • View students’ Weekly Growth report for a quick overview of the week.
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