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June 28, 2018

Our Top Four Webinars: Summer Learning

BY Carrie Gajowski, MA

An image of the word webinar and several other iconsWe compiled our top four webinars of the last year based on your interests!  Approximately 25,000 people registered for these four webinars throughout the last year.  Interest in these webinars came in from all over the world!   Make the most of your summer by watching these webinars on topics such as autism, dyslexia, learning and the brain and the NEW Fast ForWord.

See below for our “Best of Webinars”.  Which ones are your favorites?  Let us know by commenting below!

# 4 Introducing the New Fast ForWord

Curious about the new Fast ForWord and what it can do for you? Join us as we discuss the new features and enhancements of our dynamic language and reading intervention program. During this session you'll see how we're making Fast ForWord more engaging, more motivating, and easier to implement. You'll also get an exclusive look at upcoming exercises enhancements before they are released!

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#3 2017 Dyslexia Research and Remediation

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month! Join us to learn about the latest research on the processing weaknesses and early indicators in dyslexia. Most importantly, find out how to use this information to help your students. Hear and see how the Fast ForWord program can help your students/children with dyslexia.

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#2 Teaching with the Brain in Mind

Join us for a webinar with Dr. Eric Jensen and learn specific, practical evidence-based strategies you can use in the classroom right away. Discover how the brain works, how teaching changes the brain, and what it takes for students to acquire complex learning and achieve their best. Jensen will be providing new information from his newest best-sellers, Poor Students, Rich Teaching. You won't want to miss this session, so register today and be inspired by one of our all-time most impactful presenters. Yes, you can boost student learning and this packed session shows you how to do it every single day!

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#1 Autism: New Research and Interventions

Updated for 2018: New research on the underlying neurology of autism is exploding as is information on the most effective interventions available to drive positive neurological changes in children on the autism spectrum. Join Dr. Martha Burns as she discusses the new research and shares data on neuroscience-based interventions that have been shown to enhance language, attention, and social skills in children on the autism spectrum.

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We've got more great webinars like these scheduled for the second half of the year. Be sure to check our webinars page soon (next webinar to be announced in the coming weeks)!


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