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March 23, 2021

The 3 E's of Overcoming Learning Loss

BY Amy Takabori

Educators seeking effective solutions to learning loss should implement technology driven by the science of reading.

The American Rescue Plan has allocated roughly $125 billion to K-12 education to support learning recovery. To put this funding to best use, educators need to determine which technology solution will optimally accelerate learning.

girl at home studying on laptop and reading book to overcome learning loss with science of reading

If you need to get your students to grade-level in reading, keep in mind that not all programs will meet the moment. Choose your evidence-based, research-proven solution with these 3 E's in mind:

  • Equity
  • Engagement
  • Efficiency

Moreover, the science of reading supports how these topics determine the best ed tech to use.

Learn more by reading the full blog post, "Tackle Learning Loss with the Science of Reading."

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