Live Webinar

Underperforming Student Success Strategies

Date: Nov 2 2016 @ 1pm PT/4pm ET
Length: 60 minutes
Presenter: Eric Jensen, Ph.D.
Underperforming Student Success Strategies
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You know many issues can and do undercut student achievement. Join us for a fast-moving, idea packed session by Dr. Eric Jensen. Discover the emotional, social and cognitive tools that can eliminate 95% of underperformance issues. But you have to know where (and how) to invest your time and energy. Learn the single best tool to solve academic and cognitive issues and you’ll start seeing daily academic successes. Stay for the whole session and get the downloadable PDF “7 All Time Underperforming Student Success Strategies.”

Recorded Webinar

2016 Dyslexia Research and Remediation

Date: Oct 17 2016
Length: 60 minutes
Presenter: Martha S. Burns, Ph.D.
2016 Dyslexia Research and Remediation
Author: 82

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month! Join us to learn about the latest research on the processing weaknesses and early indicators in dyslexia. Most importantly, find out how to use this information to help your students. See a demonstration of exactly how Fast ForWord software exercises work to address the stealth causes of reading struggle in learners with dyslexia.

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A radically different online reading intervention that targets foundational phonemic awareness, language, memory, attention, processing and sequencing skills.

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The only online reading program that "listens" to students as they read out loud, intervenes when they struggle, and automatically scores students' oral reading.

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