How to Re-Wire your Burned-Out Brain

Oct 16, 2012 by Martha Burns, Ph.D
Feeling burned out?  Check out these tips from Dr. Martha S. Burns on how to motivate you and your brain again.

Dopamine and Learning: What The Brain’s Reward Center Can Teach Educators

Sep 18, 2012 by Martha Burns, Ph.D
How important is dopamine to learning?  Read more to learn about how dopamine is produced and how learning is retained in the brain.

What Makes a Good Reader?

Jul 3, 2012 by Martha Burns, Ph.D

Why is it that some children learn to read faster than other children, and what foundational skills can be strengthened to improve a child’s ability to read?

So You Think You Know Something About the Brain?

Jun 7, 2012 by Martha Burns, Ph.D
It’s a sad fact that educators seeking knowledge of how the brain learns may not have access to reliable information.  Have you sorted fact from fiction?  Take this test and find out.

My Favorite Teachers: Mrs. Bandy and Dr. Gerald Canter

May 8, 2012 by Martha Burns, Ph.D
In honor of Teacher Appreciation week, Dr. Martha Burns acknowledges the important role of teachers and shares fond memories of two teachers she’ll never forget.

Keeping in Mind: The Task of Working Memory

Mar 27, 2012 by Martha Burns, Ph.D
Working memory – we use it when we recall our grocery list and when we retell a story. But did you know it’s also essential for language learning and reading a book chapter from beginning to end? Read more>>

The Mirror Neuron System

Feb 21, 2012 by Martha Burns, Ph.D
Did you know that there’s a part of the brain devoted to “doing” that starts wiring itself early in development through imitation of the movements and sounds of others? Find out how it works, and the role it plays in early learning.

Building Your Child’s Self-Confidence

Jan 10, 2012 by Martha Burns, Ph.D
Building your child’s self-confidence is a challenging task for any parent. Read these great tips to help your child become a more confident learner.

Toddler Vocabulary Development: Shopping With Your Child

Oct 11, 2011 by Martha Burns, Ph.D
Learn how to turn everyday tasks like shopping into fun vocabulary learning experiences for your toddler. More>>

Connecting the Dots Between Infant Temperament and Future Success

Aug 18, 2011 by Martha Burns, Ph.D

 Infant temperament has long been thought of as innate, but could some aspects be environmental? Read more from Dr. Martha Burns.