A New, Smarter Language and Reading Intervention Program for Struggling Readers and English Language Learners

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The New Fast ForWord is an evidence-based program that uses a revolutionary 3-step intervention model to directly target and fix the root causes of language and reading difficulty so learners make fast improvements that continue even after they finish the program. No other intervention does this. Designed by renowned neuroscientists, the New Fast ForWord is the ideal solution for K-12 intervention, at-home intervention, or clinical support intervention.


Language and Reading Intervention Personalized to Each Learner


Elementary Intervention
Elementary Intervention

Fast ForWord provides dozens of skill-building exercises for grade K-5 learners. Learn more >

Secondary Intervention
Secondary Intervention

Fast ForWord provides dozens of skill-building exercises for grade 6-12+ learners. Learn more >

SmartLearning Technology
SmartLearning Technology

Fast ForWord's SmartLearning Technology is what powers the program's revolutionary intervention. Learn more >

Elementary Intervention
Digital Guided Oral Reading

Fast ForWord's Reading Assistant tool acts like a personal guided reading coach for every learner. Learn more >

Secondary Intervention
Automated Assessment

Fast ForWord Reading Progress Indicator (RPI) assessments provide accurate, reliable progress information. Learn more >

Real-Time Reporting
Real-Time Reporting

Fast ForWord provides real-time data analysis and online reporting to track and monitor learner progress. Learn more >


Fix Language and Reading Problems Fast: 3-Step Intervention Model


Step 1

Fast ForWord prepares the brain for reading by improving the language and cognitive skills that are weak in struggling students (MAPS — memory, attention, processing speed, and sequencing).

Step 2

With Fast ForWord, your students receive personalized, intensive practice on a wide variety of language and reading skills - more than any other approach or intervention. Intensity is the key to getting far better results — fast.

Step 3

Using speech verification technology, our program listens to students as they read aloud and provides corrective guided reading feedback to help reinforce new language and reading skills and rapidly build fluency and comprehension.


See the Difference


Enhanced Thinking

Enhanced thinking and learning skills that result in more confident, engaged learners.

Better Reading Skills

Better reading fluency and reading comprehension skills.

Improved Testing Performance

Improved performance on summative language and reading assessments.

Continued Learning Growth

Continued learning growth even after the program is completed.


Want to Learn More About Fast ForWord?


If you’re interested in learning more about Fast ForWord and how it helps the hardest to reach learners improve their reading and language skills, let us know! We’re happy to send you more information or schedule a personal demonstration.