"I'm trying so hard."

"I'm doing everything right. I'm trying so hard. Why aren't my students making progress?" Educators across the country are looking for reasons why their students aren't quite progressing as they'd expect. But, today's classroom is changing:  

  • Poverty is the new reality: more than 50% of students receive free and reduced lunch 
  • These students are missing foundational skills in language/vocabulary, inhibitory control, working memory, and attention  
  • Up to 40% of children have difficulty with reading, but more than 50% do not get extra help until they've struggled for more than a year 
  • By then, they need between 10x - and 30x practice to catch up to their peers

The traditional reading intervention approach no longer works to address the needs of today's students; that's why so many continue to struggle. Neuroscience research shows the most effective and efficient ways to speed up reading development. The schools and districts that incorporate these methods are seeing massive results, and fast.   

    Announcing the NEW Fast ForWord Intervention for K-12: Now with Reading Comprehension and Fluency Training!

    To provide K-12 educators with a comprehensive language and reading intervention that gets better results in a shorter period of time for their most vulnerable student groups, the Fast ForWord® online reading intervention will now include Reading Assistant™ patented speech recognition technology, plus 300 hundred reading selections and 200+ online lesson plans. Using a 3-step plan that combines these unique tools, educators can see changes in weeks in skills like reading fluency, comprehension, attention, memory, and overall reading proficiency. They report students' progress as "nothing short of remarkable." 

    3 Steps to Fast Change, Lasting Results

    1. Prepare the brain.

    Many interventions work around a reading problem, accommodating areas of weakness, like putting a band-aid on underlying issues. The Fast ForWord program helps your students’ brains efficiently process the building blocks of reading while simultaneously exercising working memory, attention, grammar, vocabulary and advanced listening skills. Once the core areas of weakness are addressed at the brain level, progress is fast, and continues long after students complete the intervention. Learn more about the reading brain. 

    2. Practice foundational language skills, intensively.

    Intensity is the key to catching up students fast. Our program is like a bootcamp for the reading brain, providing 5x more intense and personalized cross-training on a wide variety of literacy and cognitive skills - more practice than small group, 1:1 work, or other computerized interventions.  With intense practice in grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening comprehension, reading skills skyrocket.

    3. Read aloud, with support.

    The best way to improve reading is with the help of an expert reader by your side.  Fast ForWord is now the only software that uses speech verification technology to "listen" to your students as they read and speak aloud, offering them support with decoding and pronunciation right when they need it. It’s like a guided reading coach for every student, whenever you need it. This way, you never miss a teachable moment.  See how it works.

    View the 3 Steps to Fast Results Brochure [PDF].

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