Frequently Asked Questions for Scientific Learning Product Implementations


How do I import new students and staff into your software?

Excel\CSV files with specific formatting can be imported into MySciLEARN to create Student and Staff. Details can be found at the following links.




Is there a way to update or automate our roster changes?

Yes, changes to existing students can also be performed by importing CSV files. There is also automation functionality for changes using advanced features.

Updating students:

Automating updates:


Do you support any 3rd party products for roster management or single sign on?

Currently, we do not support any third party applications for integrated student and staff list management, or authentication.


Which handheld devices are supported with our products?

For student access our products can be run on Apple© IPads, (Apps are available in the Apple© app store). Handheld Android devices are not supported at this time.


Which domain does email come from?

Email from Scientific Learning as well as automated emails from within our products will come from an email address. Please ensure that emails from are not being filtered out by your network spam filters.M/p>


Where can I locate the Reading Assistant Plug In for Non-Chrome browsers?

Reading Assistant used on non-Chrome browsers may require a browser plugin. If not installed you are presented with links within the product to download and install it.

Click here for further information and both Windows and Mac download links.