Welcome to the Presales Resource Guide for Scientific Learning Products


On this page, you will find resources and instructions that will help you determine if your computers, network, and Internet connection are compatible with our MySciLEARN products. If you have any questions about the process or the results, please contact our Support Team as listed below.

  1. Review Technical Specifications: Review these documents to determine if your environment meets, or exceeds, the necessary recommended specifications.
    • System Requirements: Our web-based platform in which users can access the Fast ForWord and/or Reading Assistant products with 24/7 access anytime, anywhere.
  2. Preparing your Network & Student Hardware
    • Bandwidth requirement: 128 Kbps per concurrent student training session with a maximum of 250 ms latency. Be sure to factor in peak usage along with other typical network traffic.
    • Network Exception list: White List
    • Headsets:
      • For Fast ForWord we recommend comfortable, over the ear, stereo headphones that connect directly to the computer. Do not recommend use noise canceling headphones.
      • Reading Assistant Approved Headset List
  3. Test Your Environment: Review and perform a test of the MySciLEARN software to further ensure that your environment meets, or exceeds, the necessary recommended specifications.
    • MySciLEARN Test Plan Instructions (PDF)
      • Important: If you find the test student accounts in use, please choose a different set of user accounts from one of the other test schools also located in the document.

For assistance check our FAQs page or contact Customer Service.