Summer is the best time to catch up. Here’s why.

  1. On average, students lose 2+ months of reading progress each summer.  That statistic is likely worse for children who have learning struggles.

  2. Struggling readers need 10x-30x more practice than peers to catch up – and most can’t fit that in during a hectic school year.

  3. 40% of kids wait more than a year to get help with reading struggles – and in that time, they lose confidence and fall further behind.

We talk with countless parents like you who are looking for help for their bright child who is having a hard time with reading, writing, attention, auditory processing, or other causes of reading struggles. You’re in the right place. We can help you help your child this summer.

How can Fast ForWord help my child this summer?

Most reading and learning programs, including tutoring, work around the underlying delays that cause reading difficulties. They are coping tools, band-aids that make temporary improvements not unlike pumping air into a slow leaking tire.

Fast ForWord® is different. It helps children pay attention longer, process information faster, and comprehend what they're reading. In other words, it makes a fast and permanent change to your child's foundational processing, attention and working memory skills. Fast ForWord gives your child a second chance to become an expert learner and reader.

In just 30 minutes a day, many parents see changes in their children in a few short weeks.

How do I get Fast ForWord for my child?

You can access Fast ForWord in two ways: 

1. With a provider in your area. Find a provider now!

2. Through a service called Fast ForWord Home, which combines the power of the Fast ForWord reading intervention with the support of a trained consultant. One of our highly trained education specialists will communicate with you on a weekly basis to review progress, help with any special areas of need, and keep everyone motivated to get fast results! Your consultant will be a mentor who will share in your child's struggles and celebrate their successes with you.

Why is summer the ideal time to use the program?

  • Use the program anywhere. It’s web-based and can be used on the iPad®!
  • School’s out! You can make improvement fast without the distraction of the school day.
  • Get real results, fast. Use Fast ForWord 30 minutes per day (or more!), 5 days a week to see progress in a short period of time.

How do I get my child started?

Either search for a provider in your area, or give us a call to get more information. You can reach us at 1-888-750-0116 or send us an email at We can get you up and running within 24 hours!

What kinds of results have parents seen from Fast ForWord?

Read our testimonials to hear what parents like you are saying:

“My 8 year old daughter attended the Fast ForWord learning program last summer. The program was life changing for the better. My daughter scored .1 out of 100, not even a 1. After completing the program, she is now able to read. I was at the end of my rope before Fast ForWord. Her APD was a huge hindrance but not anymore, thank you.” 

“She moved her reading grade from a D to a B!”

“Talking more, advocating more for himself. Following directions better. Makes lists for himself now to help him remember.”

“The shift in our son’s attitude towards reading, and his confidence in his ability to express what he knows was greatly improved by this program. He actually enjoys school and reading now.”

“My daughter had great success with Fast ForWord when she was in middle school. Changed her life!”

Read more success stories and research.

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