SciLEARN Professional Development provides you with practical, neuroscience-based techniques to promote student learning.

The Reading Brain

What is happening in the brain of a struggling reader?

In this engaging and interactive online course, Drs. Pamela Nevills and Patricia Wolfe guide you through the neuroscience of reading and offer up practical classroom strategies based on their popular book, “Building the Reading Brain.” These expert educators guide you through:

  • How the brain learns to read
  • Why some students struggle
  • Practical strategies to improve reading in the classroom
  • Talking with parents and struggling students and
  • Pursuing more knowledge about reading and the brain

The course consists of:

  • Engaging online content: videos, interactive animations and mini quizzes ensure you’re interested and learning!
  • Off-line workbook activities: complete the exercises to reflect on how to use these new techniques in your classroom immediately!
  • Discussion: Use the online discussion board to share your thoughts and opinions on brain-based learning with other educators around the country!