Research continues to show that reading is heavily dependent on a brain’s ability to process small and quick changes in sound.


So what happens when a child enters the school system with a weakness in this area? Or with poor vocabulary or from an impoverished home? Schools start building on top of a weak foundation. Letter names, letter sounds, phonics, etc., are layered on top of a poor sound system and weak oral language, and it catches up with us.

Up to 40% of kids fail to learn to read effectively despite quality phonics and reading instruction.

Many of these kids need something that takes them back to the beginning, back to the foundational skills that allow them to develop literacy with ease. They need something unique, powerful, targeted and just for them that can address their memory, attention, processing and language skills simultaneously. With the right processing and language foundation, success in all areas is possible.

Fast ForWord addresses the core causes of student learning difficulties by targeting foundational auditory processing, phonemic awareness, language, memory and attention skills. It is one of the most powerful and unique reading interventions ever created. Proven effective for:

  • Struggling readers
  • English language learners
  • Students with learning disabilities: specific learning disability, language impairment, dyslexia, auditory processing disorders
  • Students on the autism spectrum

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