The program is administered only by trained clinical and education professionals who have completed training and certification to provide the Fast ForWord programs.

Fast ForWord Private Providers

Fast ForWord Private Providers are qualified professionals certified to offer Scientific Learning programs—Fast ForWord & Reading Assistant—as individualized interventions tailored to meet your child’s needs. Your Private Provider will monitor your child’s progress and communicate with you regularly.

Your Provider will:

  • Explain the options for using the programs that best suit your needs: at home, in a clinic/school, or a combination
  • Provide you with progress reports on how your child is doing
  • Provide any additional help needed should your child begin to struggle in an exercise
  • Assist with motivational techniques to ensure consistent progress

How do I purchase Fast ForWord and/or Reading Assistant?

Contact your provider for your purchase options and pricing.

How do I get started?

For details on headphones, technical requirements, etc., see our technical specifications. Your provider will help you through the start-up process.