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Your child can use the Fast ForWord reading intervention at home with the support of a trained consultant. This service, which combines Fast ForWord software plus the consultant is called Fast ForWord Home. Your consultant will be a mentor who will share in your child's struggles and celebrate their successes with you.  You will communicate with your consultant each week to cover:

  • Your child's progress
  • Help with any areas of need
  • Ways to keep you and your child motivated to get fast results!

96% of parents report improvement in reading, comprehension, overall academics, attention span, or a combination of all these skills.

Sounds pretty powerful, right? Visit our Fast ForWord Home website that is exclusively for parents like you who are looking for the right approach to help their child succeed academically. Many parents tell us that their child is extremely bright, but something seems to be holding them back. They’re looking for some way to unlock their child’s true potential. Does this sound like you?


Looking for a Clinical Professional?

If your child needs the support of a clinical professional for diagnostic, therapeutic services or extra help, you can access our referral network. Clinics specialize in differential diagnosis and treatments of language or learning disabilities and/or other cognitive impairments.

Providers in clinics can work with your child on Fast ForWord by administering pre- and post-testing, overseeing product usage, and evaluating and communicating progress results directly with you and your family.

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