Jul 12, 2016 by Carrie Gajowski, MA

Professional Development webinarsSummer is just about halfway over for most of us!  School is out and students are still on vacation. Take advantage of this time to view (or just listen to) our top webinars on topics such as poverty, auditory processing, dyslexia, English language learning, and autism.  The best part is you can relax and watch them on your laptop, smartphone or tablet, or you can listen to them through your phone as you're doing other things! (I personally enjoy listening to these while hiking!)

See below for our “Best of Webinars”.  Which ones are your favorites?  Let us know by commenting below!

Effects of Poverty on School Success:  Join Dr. Martha Burns (one of our viewers' favorite presenters) as she discusses the complex topic of poverty and school success.  Dr. Burns reviews the latest research on poverty and also provides research on how the Fast ForWord intervention has been found to have a significant impact on academic achievement in children of poverty.  

5 Secrets to Jumpstart Learning in Students of Poverty:  Listen to our special guest, Dr. Eric Jensen, as he discusses more research on students living in poverty and how you can start helping these students immediately.  He covers information on improving working memory, brain-based software interventions and how you create lasting change that will be life-altering for your students.

Autism: New Research and Interventions:  We all know rates of autism are on the rise in today’s world.  Dr. Martha Burns presents the latest research on the underlying neurology of autism and discusses how neuroscience-based interventions such as Fast ForWord have been shown to enhance language, attention, and social skills in children on the autism spectrum.

2015 Dyslexia Research and Remediation:  Listen to Dr. Martha Burns as she discusses the latest research on the processing weaknesses and early indicators in dyslexia.  Dr. Burns also shares information on whether dyslexia is a visual or an auditory issue.  Find out how you can use this information to help your students of all ages.  A demonstration of the Fast ForWord software exercises is also provided to show how these exercises work to address the stealth causes of this reading struggle.

Build the ELL Brain: This was one of our most popular webinars over the last few years!  You don’t want to miss this one if you work with English language learners.  Join Dr. Burns as she explores the ELL brain, the advantages of true bilingualism, and how effective technological adjuncts can build the English brain, quickly, moving ELL students to proficiency.

Effective Literacy Instruction for ELLs and All Students - Words, Fluency, and Meaning:  Dr. Timothy Rasinski (another one of our most popular presenters!) returns to share his knowledge about reading comprehension and fluency.   He shares strategies for improving students’ word knowledge (phonics and vocabulary) and comprehension. 

Inside the Brain of a Struggling Reader:  What exactly is happening in the brains of your struggling readers?  Dr. Burns shares the inside scoop on the brain and what is different about the brains of those students who struggle to read and what you can do about it in your classroom, school or district.  She also discusses information about what age the brain is ready to learn/read as well as provides information about any gender differences in regards to language and reading milestones.



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New to this site.

New to this site.

Excellent! I will watch all

Excellent! I will watch all of them and make personal notes so that I can use them to teach the teachers in schools which are subscribing our Reading Assistant.