Jan 31, 2012 by Cory Armes, M.Ed.

Digital learning day

Have you heard of Digital Learning Day yet?  It’s happening tomorrow—February 1, 2012—and will be a celebration of the innovative use of digital technologies in education to engage students in rich learning experiences.  Digital Learning Day is likely to contribute valuable insights into the projected continued expansion of digital technologies in schools throughout the US.

According to the ed tech experts, in 2012:

  • Digital learning will help solve results and budget challenges.Digital learning will play a greater role in education as budgets continue to shrink.  Technology will help education improve results and lower expenses through blended learningmodels, with charter schools likely leading these efforts. 
  • Technology & content will continue to come together for more personalized instruction.A student learning revolution is coming that will be led by the integration of technology and digital content, resulting in a greater shift toward data driven instruction that addresses each student’s needs.
  • Teachers will build capacity to implement blended learning programs.In response to this student learning revolution, there will need to be a distinct change in teacher training and staff development to provide greater facility with blended learning models.
  • Student voice will be amplified.Competency-based learning will create a global push for more personalization and deeper learning through innovative online delivery.  Blended and online learning also will play a part in engaging students by allowing them to control some aspects of their learning experience, giving students a voice and providing adults new ways to advocate and support their pupils.
  • Gadgets and games that students love will play a greater role in teaching and learning.There will be more use of iPads and game-based learning programs in schools.
  • Improvements to tech infrastructure and social media will deliver connections and content we can’t yet predict.With greater broadband access for students both in and out of school, we will find improved content and resources to support learning. Educational efforts also will gain additional support through both learning analytics and social networks that connect teachers and other professionals.

Given these predictions, why not check out what Digital Learning Day has to offer?  Visit the Digital Learning Day websiteto sign up for the webcast or town hall meeting, learn about contests you and your students can enter, download toolkits (there’s a kit for just about anyone – from parents and teachers to school district and state leaders), and more.  You can also search “digital learning month” to find out how your state is celebrating digital learning all February long.

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See the full text of the experts’ predictions at: http://www.eschoolnews.com/2012/01/04/experts-share-their-ed-tech-predictions-for-the-new-year/

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