Mar 15, 2011 by Norene Wiesen

Our changing education landscape

Where is K-12 education headed? What might the future look like for educators and students? Join us for a free webinar and get the answers with Dr. Willard R. Daggett, Friday, March 18, at 10am Pacific.  A nationally acclaimed education expert, Daggett will discuss cutting-edge research and strategies to address today’s education challenges, improve teaching and accelerate learning for all students.

What are the real challenges facing schools today? How can we effectively and intelligently address student performance, leadership, finances, and the use of technology? Learn how K-12 educators can work to proactively address these issues in today’s accountability-driven climate.

Daggett is the CEO of the International Center for Leadership in Education, and author of numerous books, articles and studies about learning and education. He brings a comprehensive expertise in moving education systems toward more rigorous, relevant skills and knowledge for allstudents.

Join us for this free learning session! Register now for “Our Changing Education Landscape” with Willard Daggett —and visit the Scientific Learning webinarspage to learn about other events about brain fitness and accelerating learning.

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