Jan 13, 2011 by Joan Ferguson

I am pleased to announce the release of SciLEARN™ Enterprise, which provides web-based access to the Fast ForWord Language Series, Fast ForWord Literacy Series, and Fast ForWord Reading Series

With the new browser capabilities of SciLEARN Enterprise, schools no longer need to install the Fast ForWord software at each student computer. Instead, SciLEARN Enterprise application can be run as a web-based product from a single server at the district level, eliminating thousands of dollars of overhead at every school and lowering the total cost of ownership. 

SciLEARN Enterprise application enables districts to deploy to more than 3,000 concurrent students with just one installation, saving time and money and enabling faster results.   With SciLEARN Enterprise, greater numbers of students will be able to access the software that will help build brain fitnessand accelerate learning.

The new application is easy to use and deploy.   Users can perform daily tasks from any internet-connected computer in the district:

  • School staff may securely log in as District Manager, School Manager, or Instructor
  • The District Manager can view and modify school and student data
  • Students access Fast ForWord exercises through a browser

See below for screenshots!

SciLearn Student Exercises

SciLEARN Enterprise