Mar 17, 2011 by Josefina Rodriguez

Fun brain activities

Have you ever stopped to think about your brain and all the amazing things that it does?  For a three-pound tangle of nerve tissue, it is a brilliant bit of biology.  It keeps you alive and well and is literally the command center of your body.

Today, we are learning how to use our brains in ways never thought possible.  Just a few short decades ago, it was believed that the brain’s capacity was ‘fixed’ early in life and not able to change.  Now that research proves differently, what will the human brain’s potential look like a hundred years from now?  Two-hundred years from now?  The possibilities are truly endless.

In celebration of this three-pound organ that does so much for us every day, I decided to share some fun activities to help you learn more about the brain and its incredible capabilities. Here are some of my favorites!

Brain Games:  Test your memory, play a round of Neuro-Jeopardy, try an On-line Response Time Experiment, and take the Hidden Brain Challenge. 

Sleep and Dreaming Experiments-  Check out some activities around keeping a dream journal and learn how to find out how long it takes for you to fall asleep!

Creative Writing Projects– Write some brain poems, songs or a “brainy” newspaper.  Learn something new about the brain and then write about it.

To learn more about Brain Awareness Week, check out The Dana Foundation, which is the official website for Brain Awareness Week ,March 14-20.

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