May 26, 2010 by Norene Wiesen

fast forword characters If you love the Fast ForWord characters as much as I do, here’s a fun little freebie: Firefox can now “wear” your favorite characters!  This is a simple add-on that can liven up your lab or classroom computers and inspire your students, whether or not they are currently working on the Fast ForWord exercises.

Five Fast ForWord characters are currently available for Firefox: Ele-bot and Cosmic Reader from the LANGUAGE Series products, Sky Rider and Lunar Leap from the LITERACY Series products, and Jitterbug Jukebox from the READING Series products.  More characters coming soon!

What do to:

  1. Be sure you’re using Firefox!  Steps 2 and 3 will not work in any other browser.
  2. Add Firefox Personas to your browser(it’s easy)
  3. Select a characterfor Firefox to “wear”

That’s it—you’re done!

Here's what some of us at our Oakland, CA, headquarters are wearing:

Cosmic Reader Valerie
Role: Private Provider Relations Specialist
Persona: Cosmic Reader—Fast ForWord LANGUAGE Series
Quote: "Cosmic Reader is my hero."

Sky Rider Vivian
Role: Corporate Receptionist
Persona: Sky Rider—Fast ForWord LITERACY Series
Quote: "Ooh, I like these colors."

Jitterbug Jukebox Andrew
Role: Lead Research Statistician
Persona: Jitterbug Jukebox—Fast ForWord READING Series
Quote: “Jitterbug Jukebox really speaks to me.  I often feel like the flyest fly around.  Plus, I wear cool shades, like... 95% of the time.”

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