Using Twitter in School: 4 Ways Students and Teachers Can Connect With the World

Sep 27, 2012 by Scott Sterling
Are you using Twitter in the classroom with your students?  Here are some tips on how to use Twitter to connect with the world.

Dopamine and Learning: What The Brain’s Reward Center Can Teach Educators

Sep 18, 2012 by Martha Burns, Ph.D
How important is dopamine to learning?  Read more to learn about how dopamine is produced and how learning is retained in the brain.

Behavior Problems in School: Empowering Students to Self Discipline

Sep 11, 2012 by Scott Sterling
Students with behavior problems will not “just grow out of it”. The same skill deficiencies that affect their success in school will affect their success in the workplace, if they make it that far.  What can be done?

Join Us for Our 2012 Fall Webinar Series for Educators

Sep 4, 2012 by Carrie Gajowski, MA
Our fall webinars begin this week and include topics on how the brain learns and how to increase student achievement.  Register today!