Fifth Graders Make Significantly Greater Gains than a Comparison Group Across Multiple Subjects After Fast ForWord

Dec 27, 2011 by Melissa Agocs

VIDEO: After using Fast ForWord for 30 minutes a day, students made significantly greater improvements on a state-aligned computerized adaptive test than students who did not use Fast ForWord.

Bringing Learning to Life in the Classroom: Technology for 21st Century Schools

Dec 22, 2011 by Carrie Gajowski, MA
On the cutting edge in education, 3D immersive technologies are transforming the classroom learning experience.  How do students benefit from 3D tools, and what do they mean for the future?

Using Data Effectively in School Districts: Tips for School Administrators

Dec 20, 2011 by Corey Fitzgerald
The increase of data and data systems in education has give rise to vast amounts of information. Learn how to use data effectively in your school district with these 8 helpful tips.

School Gardens: Sowing the Seeds of Experiential Learning

Dec 15, 2011 by Norene Wiesen
School gardens can open a world of learning for students. Read about the benefits of the school garden, from solving real-world math problems to learning the importance of patience and nurturance.

Using the Power of Optimal Timing to Improve the Brain’s Ability to Learn

Dec 13, 2011 by Bill Jenkins, Ph.D.
Providing the brain with the right feedback at the right time can make a huge impact on learning.  Find out how the brain responds to different time scales in the classroom.

Corey’s Story: My Son No Longer Needs Intervention After Using Fast ForWord

Dec 8, 2011 by Norene Wiesen
Corey’s son struggled in kindergarten, just barely 5 years old.  Today he’s a confident learner performing at grade level and no longer needs intervention. Watch as Corey tells his story.

The Making of a 21st Century Educator: 5 Ways to be a Better Teacher in Today’s Classroom

Dec 6, 2011 by Sherrelle Walker, M.A.
Do you consider yourself a 21 stcentury educator? Here are 5 ways to be a better teacher in the 21 stcentury classroom.

Facebook in Schools: Tool or Taboo?

Dec 1, 2011 by Joseph DuLaney
Should Facebook be allowed in the classroom or should it be banned?  Can it be used to contribute to classroom discussion, or is it a distraction that takes up precious time?