Join Dr. Martha Burns and Sherrelle Walker for a Virtual Brain Fitness Seminar

Feb 24, 2011 by Carrie Gajowski, MA
Virtual Brain Fitness Seminars are online sessions focused on helping schools close the achievement gap. Join Dr. Martha Burns and Sherrelle Walker for a complimentary session!

Indispensible Automaticity: How Reading Frees the Mind to Learn

Feb 22, 2011 by Terri Zezula

Automaticity in reading is the ability read without consciously thinking about it. Find out why automaticity is the foundation for student learning success.

Improving Reading Comprehension in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Feb 17, 2011 by Ann Osterling

Learn why reading comprehension problems are often overlooked in children with Asperger’s Syndrome, an Autism Spectrum Disorder and what can be done to improve reading comprehension skills for these learners.

Private Providers: Register Today for Scientific Learning’s 2011 Visionary Conference!

Feb 16, 2011 by Valerie Lukecart
Join us for our 2011 Visionary Conference and learn to excel in your clinical implementations of the neuroscience-based Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant products.

Test Scores Exceed State Average in 4 Subject Areas After Fast ForWord

Feb 15, 2011 by Andrew Ostarello

Student test scores from St. Mary Parish School District have steadily increased after Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant implementation, surpassing the state average score on the LEAP.

Why Your Brain Loves Chocolate

Feb 10, 2011 by Bill Jenkins, Ph.D.
Studies have shown that chocolate and love have similar effects on the brain, but what compounds in chocolate cause us to experience similar emotions?

6 Ways to Empower Your Students as Contributors in the Classroom

Feb 8, 2011 by Norene Wiesen
Find out how students help students in the classroom using online collaboration tools.  Get actionable ideas for engaging your students as contributors and digital learners.

Adult and Family literacy in the US; limitations to our Nation’s success

Feb 3, 2011 by Corey Fitzgerald
Low literacy rates are a growing issue in the United States today.  What are the benefits to improving literacy for adults and families?

How Much Sleep Do Children Need?

Feb 1, 2011 by Martha Burns, Ph.D
Sleep is a critical component of healthy childhood development and is essential health and well-being.  Is your child getting enough?