What Every Parent Should Know About Their Baby’s Developing Brain (Part 2)

Oct 28, 2010 by Martha Burns, Ph.D
The stimulation in the world around the infant sets up the experiences that the brain uses to wire itself for later learning.  How can parents help babies prepare for the “listening” demands of school?

Creating Reading Intention to Improve Reading Comprehension Skills in Students

Oct 26, 2010 by Terri Zezula

Improve reading comprehension skills in students by priming your reader’s brain. Discover reading comprehension strategies that allow your reader to experience a text with intent.

The Inspirational—Remarkably Human—Child Prodigy

Oct 21, 2010 by Sherrelle Walker, M.A.
Child prodigies have amazing gifts and talents at young ages, so why do they only rarely grow up to be adult geniuses?

Find Your Footprint!

Oct 19, 2010 by Carrie Gajowski, MA
National Geographic is sponsoring the “Find Your Footprint” Contest, encouraging students in grades K-12 to become more aware of the footprint they leave on the planet. Find out how to enter!

Neuroscience for Kids?!

Oct 18, 2010 by Pam Combs
Dr. Eric Chudler will be joining Scientific Learning as a keynote speaker at the 2010 National Circle of Learning in Las Vegas, NV on November 4 – 5, 2010.  He is the creator of the Neuroscience for Kids website.

How Can You Predict Student Reading Growth?

Oct 15, 2010 by Andrew Ostarello

Reading Progress Indicator (RPI) correlates to multiple high-stakes reading assessments and can be a used as a tool for predicting and measuring student reading growth.

Building a Foundation for Academic Success

Oct 15, 2010 by Logan De Ley

Research shows that extensive reading experience makes better readers.  How much print exposure does a child need to achieve reading fluency and the verbal skills and world knowledge required to succeed in school?

Dyslexic Learners Dramatically Improve Reading Skills with Fast ForWord

Oct 12, 2010 by Barbara Calhoun, Ph.D
In a study by Nadine Gaab and her colleagues, dyslexic learners who used Fast ForWord products for remediation improved their reading skills by focusing on improving rapid auditory processing and oral language skills.

Gifted and Talented Students Demonstrate Improved Reading Achievement after Using Fast ForWord Products

Oct 8, 2010 by Melissa Agocs

A study at St. Mary Parish Public School System, LA, in 2009-2010 found that reading achievement increased for gifted and talented students who used Fast ForWord products.

Early Learning Success Leads to a Leg Up in Life

Oct 7, 2010 by Bill Jenkins, Ph.D.
Early learning experiences such as kindergarten and preschool education pay off for kids.  Children who participate in a preschool program are more likely to graduate from high school and college.