Webinar presenter: 

Eric Jensen, Ph.D.

Webinar date: 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Webinar length: 

55 minutes

This webinar is designed to help you improve your school in just 55 minutes. Attend and you’ll learn better leadership skills and HOW to ensure you stick to the priorities that pay off in student learning. That’s a promise. When you foster student learning, discipline problems go down and attendance and achievement go up. You’ll discover the one cognitive tool, that when tested at age 5, has a greater impact on student achievement than even IQ. Your staff and your students can do much better. But you have to know where to invest your time and energy. Learn how to upgrade your students' (and staff) brains and you’ll start seeing some exciting changes. Stay for the whole session and you’ll get the link to “Top 10 All-Time Best Cognitive Capacity Builders.” PLUS you’ll also get a simple but powerful FREE tool to use for yourself and share with your staff a simple, but powerful daily tool that can boost your staff’s GROWTH MINDSET in just 90 seconds a day. As another goodie, there will time for questions at the end.

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