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  • The magnitude of the gain was completely unexpected. We were seeing schools showing double-digit gains in student achievement.

Intervention from a Supportive Listener

Scientific Learning’s unique Reading Assistant Plug-in brings the capabilities of speech recognition to the browser, for use in the guided reading task.  By virtue of speech recognition technology, the software listens to students reading aloud. Monitoring for signs of difficulty, which include hesitations, silence, mispronunciations and other cues, the reading intervention program provides assistance when students stumble or get stuck.  

Unlike traditional speech recognition systems, Reading Assistant speech recognition does not attempt to match the closest word to the user’s utterance but makes sure that the student pronounced the correct word from the text.

Our patented “intelligent intervention” methodology balances the need for support by offering the correct pronunciation of a word against impeding students’ progress by interrupting their reading. It is tuned to ensure that students have time to work on words and to self-correct. The program indicates to students that they missed a word, and allows them to repair before pronouncing the word for them. Teachers can set the amount of time allowed students for repair.
Reading Assistant software can be adapted to individual needs. The program allows the teacher to set how strictly each student’s pronunciation should be evaluated for correction.

Quick Start

The easy-to-use Reading Assistant interface guides students through a sequence of reading activities for each selection.  When it’s time to read aloud, the software is ready to listen to the student read after just a quick microphone check – no enrollment needed.  Our speech recognition system is trained on hundreds of hours of audio, encompassing a wide range of ages and accents, and is ready to listen to your readers. 

Learn about reading recognition improvements in Reading Assistant™.

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