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  • Now we have successfully 'connected all of the dots' in our literacy program and Fast ForWord is one of those essential dots.

MySciLEARN Reports Provide Accountability at Every Level.

MySciLEARN reports are online data analysis and reporting tools that enable educators to monitor individual, classroom, school, or district performance of students working with the Fast ForWord® and Reading Assistant™ programs. You will get clear, action-oriented information showing student progress over time, in specific reading and cognitive skills areas. It’s one of the reasons why our learning acceleration programs have been so successful in helping schools and districts meet state and federal mandates.

MySciLEARN Distirct Gains Report

Maximize Success with MySciLEARN Reports

Special features improve results for students, teachers, schools, and districts:

  • Automatic analysis of group and individual progress, including diagnostic and prescriptive information, displayed in graphs and tables.
  • Timely and specific intervention guidance, providing recommendations for maximizing the impact of classroom reading instruction and the effectiveness of the Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant products.

Assessment with Reading Progress Indicator:

  • Quickly assess four key skill areas: phonemic awareness, decoding, vocabulary, and comprehension.
  • Automatically score assessments and report results to parents, teachers, and administrators.
  • Access accurate progress information that correlates to nationally recognized normed assessments.
  • Access to reports that provide assessment results for individuals, groups, schools and districts. For individuals, results are reported in grade equivalent scores, reading level gain and national percentile scores. School and district level reports show results in percentile growth and reading level gain.


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