Summer Reading Boot Camp

Struggling readers need 10x-30x more practice to catch up to peers - but what school has the resources to provide that?

Fast ForWord ™ is uniquely designed to provide the intensity of practice that all your students need to catch up this summer – the ones at school and the ones at home. No other program is as evidence-based, or provides the level of intensity and corrective feedback. It’s like a boot camp for the reading brain with a personal reading coach for every student built-in, all summer long. Here’s how it works:

  • Fast ForWord “listens” to students, using speech verification technology to help them decode at each teachable moment
  • Better than an e-reader, it’s the only tool that offers personalized decoding/comprehension support at just the right time
  • Measures WCPM and comprehension level (inferential, literal, etc.) - provides invaluable formative assessment data
  • Can be used at your school site and at home – over the summer and throughout the year

Featured Summer School Results

  • In Marion County, WV, in a one month summer program, participating students gained more than 6 months in reading comprehension, on average.  Read the full report
  • In a 5-week summer program, students from Wayne County Public Schools in North Carolina used the Reading Assistant software. On average, the study group moved to the 30th percentile in reading skills and developed from "struggling readers" to "emerging readers."  Read the full report

Engaging Content at a Variety of Levels

  • From phonemic awareness up to higher-order thinking skills for upper grades: is suitable for the beginning English language learner or the high school student who needs to boost reasoning
  • More than 300 leveled reading selections aligned with Common Core Standards, including science, history and social studies
  • A variety of genres supporting elementary to high school curriculum, including both literature and informational text at all reading levels

Easy-to-Use Reports and Indicators

Take advantage of implementation and performance reporting at the district, group, and student level to improve data-driven decision-making. Graphical depictions show usage, performance, reading level trends, and student proficiency levels.


  • Approved headset with microphone
  • Internet connection
  • Adobe Flash player
  • Reading Assistant plug-in
  • Students need to read a minimum of 25 WCPM to begin Reading Assistant

Get FAR better results this summer - fast!

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