Fast ForWord® Intervention Now Includes Reading Comprehension and Fluency Training

To provide K-12 educators with a comprehensive reading intervention that gets far better results in a shorter period of time, we are happy to announce that the Fast ForWord® online intervention now includes Reading Assistant™ technology  - plus hundreds of reading selections, teacher- directed activities, and more!

FAST FORWORD FOR K-12: Now with Reading Assistant Technology! BEFORE NEW!
Prepare the brain for reading with 10 products and 71 exercises that target memory, attention, processing, and sequencing skills.
Give students intensive practice in a wide range of phonics, phonemic awareness, grammar, vocabulary, morphology skills -- 5x more practice than any other reading intervention or approach.
Show progress with built-in, automated pre- and post-assessments: Reading Progress Indicator.
NEW! Build fluency and comprehension through guided reading support with Reading Assistant™ – the only technology that uses speech verification to listen to students and help them with decoding and pronunciation, in real-time.  
NEW! Reinforce reading comprehension strategies: the program now prompts students to use the same strategies you’re teaching in guided reading, e.g., using prior knowledge, identifying a purpose, making connections, monitoring and clarifying, retelling, summarizing, and using context clues for meaning.  
NEW! Use student reports that act as running records to see which words each of your students struggled on, their WCPM, and their comprehensions strengths and weaknesses.  
NEW! Take “before” and “after” recordings of student reading to track reading growth – then share these with parents!  
NEW! Use 175+ teacher-directed lessons to support English language learners, students in Tier 2, 3, special education, etc., to connect the online exercises with classroom activities.  
NOW! Choose reading selections from over 300 passages at a range of reading levels, grades 1-12, with non-fiction and fiction titles.  
COMING SOON: Choose from 50+ more reading selections from additional genres (scary stories, world history, biographical) in summer of 2017! Plus, 100s of reading selections will be added for months to come.   Coming soon!
COMING SOON: Provide automated, direct instruction of academic vocabulary, with opportunities for practice within a meaningful context.   Coming soon!

How does the new Fast ForWord teach fluency?

Reading fluency is the ability to decode words easily and accurately, recognize words with automaticity, and read aloud text with prosody. It is the single best predictor of reading comprehension. Instead of reading word by word, fluent readers focus their attention on the meaning and the message of the text. The new version of Fast ForWord for K-12 offers:

  • Modeled readings: Each selection contains a fluent audio model, particularly important for ELLs and young readers.
  • Pronunciation support: The program intervenes with pronunciation if/when the student needs it. You’ll never miss a teachable moment!
  • Repeated oral practice: Students read aloud each passage a minimum of two times.

How does the new Fast ForWord teach comprehension?

Multiple new features support the development of reading comprehension:

  • “Think About It” prompts and questions support students’ larger understanding and appreciation of what they read. They direct students’ attention to meaning, message, and vocabulary in the course of reading with classroom-aligned strategies.
  • Quizzes after each selection allow you to see how well each student is understanding:  inferences; sequence; story events; theme; character traits; figurative language; important information; compare and contrast; author’s point of view; fact and opinion; diagrams, charts, graphs; cause and effect; and main idea.

"When you have a ratio of 30 students to one teacher, the opportunities to read individually to the teacher are few and far between. [This combination] allows students to receive instantaneous feedback on their reading, so they can progress more quickly.” – Alison Oxford, Murray County Schools

“With other reading programs, it’s difficult to provide individualized attention with only one teacher and a class full of students. If a student makes a mistake, they may make it multiple times before the teacher gets there to fix it. With this technology, that corrective feedback is instant. It’s also individualized so students can proceed at their own pace. That makes it a very powerful tool.” – Shannon Gilfeather, Spokane Public Schools

 “You can’t put a price tag on a child being able to read, but as educators we have to be careful about how we spend our limited resources. We’ve found that the return on investment in using these products is tenfold,” – Randy Poe, Boone County Schools


  • Reading gains of 1.1 to 2.1 grade levels in one semester on the STAR Reading assessment – Salk Middle School, Spokane Public Schools
  • Reduced Tier 3 students, stabilized special ed rates; now ranks in top 10% of districts – Boone County, KY
  • Improved graduation rates from 71 to 90%, decreased struggling and at-risk readers – Murray County, GA

GET FAR better results with the NEW Fast ForWord!

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