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One-Half Year Increase in Reading in One Month

One-Half Year Increase in Reading in One Month

In a one-month summer program, fifth grade participants using Reading Assistant program gained 68 points in their Lexile scores, more than half the expected yearly gain of 100 to 120 points.

As educators know so well, when learners become fluent readers across a wide range of genres their confidence shines through.  The Reading Assistant™ program from Scientific Learning helps busy teachers give every student daily reading practice with immediate personalized feedback, while keeping up with the increasing demands of today’s classroom.

The Reading Assistant program is the only reading program that “listens” to students as they read aloud, intervenes when the student stumbles or gets stuck, and automatically scores students’ oral reading.  It works like this:

  • When a student has difficulty reading a word, Reading Assistant provides a visual cue
  • If the student does not self-correct, the program intervenes by pronouncing the word
  • Students can see their own progress and monitor their own improvement on reading selections
  • Students can privately listen to recordings of their reading and hear how their reading has improved
  • Teachers have access to implementation and performance reports for individual students and groups, and can listen to student recordings at any time

The Reading Assistant program provides more than 300 leveled reading selections aligned with the Common Core State Standards, including both literature and informational text at all reading levels. Reading Assistant teaches vocabulary and fluency as foundational skills for progressive development of comprehension. Students listen to recordings of model readings and are scaffolded through reading strategies that support comprehension of increasingly complex information, ideas, and evidence.  They are then assessed on their fluency rate and quiz score for each selection.

The MySciLEARN™ platform for Reading Assistant provides implementation and performance reporting at the district, group, and student level to support and improve data-driven decision-making. Graphical depictions show usage, performance, reading level trends, and student proficiency levels.

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Make Every Minute Count

Every teacher knows the difference that an additional 10 minutes a day of reading practice can make to a student’s vocabulary, language, and knowledge development. The patented technology behind our Reading Assistant program employs speech recognition technology to help teachers provide this daily reading practice to every student while meeting increasing demands in the classroom. Find out how the Reading Assistant program can act as a personal reading coach for every one of your students, providing corrective feedback right away—when it’s most helpful.

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