It's not just about reading. It's about students and schools succeeding.

From the largest urban school district to the smallest rural classroom, dedicated educational professionals strive daily to help their students achieve personal and academic excellence.

The Scientific Learning® family of products is designed to strengthen brain processing and improve reading skills in students of all ages, with results that are enduring. They support your existing school curriculum, correlate to state standards, and provide accountability from the individual student level to the district level.

The Fast ForWord® Program

Fast ForWord on the iPad

The Fast ForWord program consists of a series of computer-delivered brain fitness exercises to help educators improve academic achievement with a variety of student populations. 

The program can be used as an individualized learning accelerator for students performing at or above grade level, or as a reading intervention program meeting the individual needs and challenges of at-risk studentsEnglish language learners, special education students.

When students can process more efficiently, every other instructional strategy a district invests in works better. Our results in schools throughout the country prove just that - students can achieve an average one- to two-year improvement in reading skills in 8-12 weeks.

The Fast ForWord program is based on proven neuroscience research, validated by independent researchers, accepted by the scientific community, and most importantly, is school tested and district approved across the U.S. (and over 40 other countries).

Scientific Learning® Reading Assistant™ Software

Created to help students develop fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension skills, Scientific Learning Reading Assistant software uses speech recognition technology to “listen” as a student reads aloud. Monitoring for signs of difficulty, the guided reading tool intervenes with assistance when the reader is challenged by a word.

Reading Assistant software provides interactive support and private playback, acting as a patient, non-judgmental listener for self-conscious, struggling readers. Questions during and at the end of each passage encourage students to focus on the meaning of the text, subsequently building reading comprehension skills.

Additionally, using cutting-edge speech recognition technology and research-validated intervention, Reading Assistant software helps students master fluency and vocabulary and allows educators to monitor student progress.

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