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Willie Brown: From Struggling Reader to College Student

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  • They started talking to me about the plasticity of the brain and how children can learn to learn. This is exactly what I'm looking for.

Providers give that extra support with our Fast ForWord® and Reading Assistant™ family of products and services.

Providers at a Learning Center

Learning centers focus on academic achievement and provide assessment, tutoring and/or enrichment activities to enhance academic success. There are learning centers worldwide offering Scientific Learning products.


Providers in a Clinic


  • Does your child have a history of speech language delays, therapy, medical problems, behavioral or emotional problems?
  • Does your child need the support of a clinical professional for diagnostic, therapeutic services?

Clinics specialize in differential diagnosis and treatments of language or learning disabilities and/or other cognitive impairments. Providers in clinics can administer pre- and post-testing, oversee product usage, and evaluate and communicate progress results directly with you and your family.

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