Jun 7, 2012 by Martha Burns, Ph.D

Science of learning

According to a recent EdWeek article, it’s time for educators to step up their understanding of the science of learning.  While educators are increasingly interested in how the brain learns, very few programs certify teachers and administrators in educational neuroscience.  The result is that educators get their knowledge piecemeal from a variety of sources, say the experts—and that approach, though well-intentioned, leads to a fair amount of misinformation.

“In a study of 158 preservice secondary school teachers in the United Kingdom, Mr. Howard-Jones found that more than 80 percent believed incorrectly that students should be taught based on their brains' ‘learning styles,’ and another one in five mistakenly thought a student's brain would shrink if he or she drank fewer than six glasses of water a day.”

How well are you sorting fact from fiction?   Test your knowledge of the brain and learning here.